Resources for Grantmakers
How congregation-based community organizing fits into
funding strategies:

Background information:  Organizing 101
State of the Field project
Publications:  Baseline survey of the field, impact on
CBCO News Archive: Updates on the field.
Bookshelf: Books and articles on organizing by scholars, journalists,
and organizers (including
President Obama)
Resources & Links: Connecting you around the web to lead
organizing networks, intermediaries and other information.

Talk with our membership: Interfaith Funders members are
knowledgeable leaders in the field, available for questions and
conversation with peers.  
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Offerings of Other Organizations:

Grantcraft Guidance on Funding Community

Alliance for Justice Resources for Evaluating
Community Organizing.  

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP).  
Research on the return on investment of organizing and
advocacy in New Mexico.  Other similar research
forthcoming including a MN Report in the fall.

Neighborhood Funders Group Guidebook on
Community Organizing
Transformative Philanthropy:
Supporting Institution-Based
Community Organizing
Read article in summer 2013 edition of
Responsive Philanthropy
Explore with us the growth in scope, scale and
impact of organizing, and why funders should
invest in their local IBCOs.