Interfaith Organizing Initiative
What is the Interfaith Organizing Initiative (IOI) Table?

Informed by Congregation-based Community Organizing (CBO, or CBO), the Working Table of the Interfaith Organizing Initiative exists as
a collective effort of committed denominations and religious bodies, congregation-based organizing networks, and funders with two

1.  deepening the institutional and congregational capacities of our faith traditions to be more powerfully engaged in public life for the
sake of justice and on behalf of all that God is creating; and

2.  developing processes and capacities for building power requisite to win on justice issues at the national level

Read the founding statement of the IOI Working Table, and a brief history of early IOI activities and accomplishments.

Check out the
IOI Gold Standard to advance congregation based organizing within your faith body.  

The IOI is working to equip and encourage denominational leadership teams in the task of deepening the institutional and  
congregational  capacities of their faith traditions:
•       To be more powerfully engaged in public life for the sake of justice and on behalf of all that God is creating
•       To strengthen clergy and lay leadership for congregational ministry
•       To deepen denominational engagement in congregation-based community organizing
•       To envision, shape, and strategize the direction of the Interfaith Organizing Initiative
•       To deepen relationships among those engaged in the Interfaith Organizing Initiative

Faith-body heads & Congregation-Based Organizing Strategic Convenings:

In November 2012, over sixty faith leaders and organizers participated in the launch of  Interfaith Funders
Building Bridges, Building
Power report

Leaders or their representatives of eight faith traditions gathered in Chicago IL  in 2010 at The Lutheran Center to kick off a two-day
training and strategic session for Congregational-based Organizing teams within their judicatories.  
Link to a report on the
November 2010 event

Over fifty interfaith denominational and CBCO leaders representing ten faith bodies, plus major organizing networks and faith
justice organizations, met in 2007 at the American Baptist College in Nashville, TN for the first convening of Congregation-based
Community Organizing Teams within faith bodies.    
Link to UUA web report and photo

Interested in Building a Congregation-based Community Organizing Team within your denomination, judicatory or faith-body?
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