Questions And Answers

How Do I Know If I Need Help?

Generally, if you have to ask that question, then you probably need help. But just in case, there are quite a few ways to determine if you need treatment for a substance abuse disorder so let’s take a look.

This is the case if:

–    You take a lot of the substance or use it longer than it is meant to be used.

–    You’ve tried to quit but have not been able to.

–    You spend too much time using a drug or trying to obtain it.

–    You have constant cravings to use the drug.

–    You can’t fill your normal house and home responsibilities.

–    You use drugs instead of going to important social activities.

–    You have a tolerance to the drugs from using them so much.

–    You have withdrawal symptoms when you don’t use.

–    You use drugs in situations you shouldn’t like driving a vehicle.


What Happens At Rehab?

It can be scary heading to treatment and not knowing what might happen. So here’s a quick little layout of what most treatment looks like.

–    Intake evaluation – when you arrive your mental and physical health are evaluated. This can help find out what kind of treatment you need.

–    Detoxification – you might need detoxification or medication management to help you quit abusing the substance.

–    Medication – some medications can help with substance abuse or manage cravings.

–    Therapy and Counseling- This can help you find strategies to face real life instead of using drugs or alcohol to cope.

–    Family Involvement – If you have a family it can be an important part of treatment to involve them in your recovery. A support system is supposed to be really helpful in producing a positive outcome.