What We Treat

We are a drug treatment center that treats all sorts of drug use. We treat but are not limited to, heroin, cocaine, GHB, Crystal Meth, and more. If you are addicted to any sort of drug, then we want to help you in any way we can.

Drug abuse can take its toll on your life and your body. Without treatment, this can lead to death. That’s why it is so important to find a center that can treat your particular brand of addiction and set you on the road to recovery.


Inpatient Treatment

Usually, the best course of action to addiction to hard drugs like these include inpatient treatment. Our inpatient treatment is done at our residential facility. This is where you stay a minimum of 25 days to a maximum of 60 and receive around the clock treatment.

This is a known method to be successful because often separating an addict from their life can help them focus on their addiction. Many people or situations can trigger drug relapses, so it is better to be isolated from all of that.

When you stay at our residential facility, there is medical staff here 24/7 ready to help you and supervise you. You participate in activities meant to stimulate the mind and body and associate with other people looking to get help.


Outpatient Treatment

This is a great option for people whose drug use may not yet be so debilitating. It can be hard to get treatment if you can’t miss work or other obligations. That’s why we provide a 6-week long outpatient program.

Go to work and spend time with your family as you need to but come to our facility every day for group counseling. If you need medication to manage your cravings, you will receive it when you come to your scheduled appointment.


Group Therapy

One of the best ways to help with addiction treatment is group therapy. This is because it can help to see other people struggling with similar problems and know that you are not alone.

Support is an important part of recovery, and you can find that support at group therapy. It works so well because it gives people and chance to open up and be heard without judgment and to see that they are only human and help others too.


Medication Management

Since we treat all drug addictions here, we know that some need more help quitting than others. That is why we provided medication management. Some people have opinions on this type of treatment, but we know it can help.

Instead of letting you keep on using heroin because you are unable to stop, we replace it with another drug such as methadone or another drug. They can be drugs that block the high from drug use but keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay.

Other drugs can also help reduce cravings which can be the hardest part to ignore.