Statistics Of Illicit Drug Abuse In Chicago And Illinois

Statistics Of Illicit Drug Abuse In Chicago And Illinois

Thousands of citizens of Illinois struggle with drug abuse annually. Having issues with addiction can affect their entire life from work to home and even cause legal troubles. The cost of addiction is this state is thought to be around $3.5 billion.

Street drugs are what people think of when they hear about drug addiction. These are drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or synthetic drugs. All of these drugs have the potential to be dangerous.

Heroin is one of the deadliest drugs in Illinois. Chicago is a hot spot for heroin and heroin trafficking. This is because there is so much activity going on all of the time that is masks it pretty well.

Common drugs you can find on the street include:

–    Cocaine

–    Crack

–    Ecstasy

–    Methamphetamine and crystal methamphetamine

–    Heroin

–    Methaqualone

–    Cannabis

There are many risks to taking these kinds of drugs, including:

–    Infectious diseases, including hepatitis and HIV

–    Cardiovascular disease

–    Respiratory infection

–    Gastrointestinal effects

–    Kidney or liver damage

–    Neurological problems

–    Hormonal imbalances

–    Pregnancy complications

–    Mental health effects

–    Cancer

2.5 percent of people in Illinois over 12 were abusing or physically dependent on illegal drugs in 2013 and 2014.

People don’t realize that prescription drug abuse can do as much damage as those illegal drugs.  The use of prescription drugs can actually lead to illegal drugs as heroin and fentanyl are based on painkillers.

The most commonly abused prescription opioids include:

–    Methadone

–    Oxycodone

–    Hydrocodone

Alcohol Abuse

There are 700,000 adults over the age of 21 that live in Illinois who said to have used heavy alcohol in 2014. Only 35,000 of those people ended up getting treatment.