All About Medications For Addiction Treatment

In the United States and around the world drug addiction is a problem. More than 22 million Americans end up finding treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. It is all too common for people to become addicted once they have tried drugs like cocaine, heroin, or meth.

Drug use usually starts out recreational, something to do on occasion to help let loose or have fun. But just one use of a highly addictive drug can lead people down a path that’s hard to return from. Once someone has to take a drug by compulsion, then they have become addicted.

There are many different treatments one can try when addicted to drugs or alcohol. Counseling is often used and can really help people. But often more than counseling is needed for treatment. Behavioral therapy can help people find out why they started being addicted and help them learn to function, but it doesn’t do anything for physical dependence.

This is where medication treatment can come in handy. There are a few medications that are FDA approved to use in the treatment of drug addiction. Some of these drugs work by making it so the addict can’t feel a high anymore from the drugs they use. It effectively blocks the high.

Other drugs help by reducing or ending the cravings for the drug that happens. These can help addicts to keep from relapsing and finally have a chance at a normal life.


How The Medications Work

The whole point of rehab is for the addict to finally quit their addiction and be able to become a productive member of society once more. The problem is no one treatment can work for every person. There needs to be an individualized treatment for each person for the best possible outcome.

Counseling and behavioral therapy are very important in the treatment of drug addiction. But medications also do their part. People become addicted to drugs for a variety of reasons and medications can help substitute for that.

Coexisting Conditions

Medications are often used together because many people who have addiction have mental disorders. Mental disorders like anxiety and depression can be a leading part of why people have some addiction issues.


Relapse Prevention

Some medications are meant to lessen drug cravings that an addict feels. They can be used for tobacco addiction, along with alcohol and opioid addiction. The cravings are often one of the biggest reasons addicts can’t stay clean, so killing them off is one of the best ways to help. There are still drugs being tested or created meant to help with cravings for drugs like cocaine or meth.


Withdrawal Symptom Management

Withdrawal can be the most difficult part of beginning recovery for people. Quitting drug use can cause symptoms of withdrawal which can be very painful and make addicts feel like they have no choice but to use the drug again to stop it. Some medications are made to help get rid or lessen withdrawal symptoms to help make it easier.